Why do business with us?


We bring a refreshing no nonsense approach to individuals and companies in solving their problems and providing solutions with our proven A.M.P.S. system.

Question, if you do the same things today as you did yesterday, why do you think tomorrow will be different?

Learn from our personal mistakes, experience and success.
Let us coach you how to save time (years) in your learning curve, frustrations,
disappointments and become empowered, self-reliant, confident and a winner.

Our A.M.P.S. Program


We are committed to educating individuals about their options in properly structuring and managing their financial resources.

Thus, we have created a unique program, “A.M.P.S.— How to have a new lifestyle in 99 days.” Our multi-faceted approach helps people discern what steps to take to manage their budget and lifestyle plan to reach their life destination.

This system allows clients to enjoy their new found abilities to control and understand the difference between “want” and “need.”

“It was difficult going through my divorce, but your patience, understanding and guidance helped during a very stressful time of my life.  You are a great team player. Your knowledge, organization, leadership skills helped me to focus on my life and family.”


 “Wow, what a difference. Our strategy planning meetings have resulted in significant increases in revenue, profit, and return-on-investment. Our tune-up meetings always results in new and productive ideas.”
 “It’s amazing the power of his program Discover.  I found when I blended it with my life style and practiced it, the results were life changing.”